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Amy Brenner, MD & Associates   Hi.  My name is Dr. Amy Brenner.


I am a board-certified OB/GYN physician with 15 years of experience in treating women like you for everything from gynecological care, scientifically developed skin care, bio-identical hormones, weight loss solutions, and minimally-invasive surgical options.  I too have struggled with some of the same issues I treat my patients for every day.  These issues may be common, but they interfere with your quality of life.  I believe I can offer the best relief, with care delivered with compassion, because I know what you’re going through.  Together, we can find answers and get you back to the life you love – full of activity, vitality, and balance.


You can read about our various services by clicking on the appropriate tabs at the top of our page.  Our practice is unlike any other OB/GYN practice in Cincinnati; you are a unique woman who deserves exceptional care.


I look forward to seeing you!
Dr. Amy Brenner









  • Angie - Spotlight Patient

    Angie - Spotlight Patient

    I'm sure many are familiar with the never ended cycle I seemed to be on. Gain, lose, gain, lose, and then gain more weight than before. Not only was I depressed but I also began to experience a decline in my overall health and knew it was time to try something different. I met with Paula in early January and started my HCG diet a week later. While following the protocol wasn't easy, my weekly meetings with Paula helped me stay motivated and on track. By the end of phase 2, I had lost 26 pounds and 13 inches. I physically felt so much better, happier and saw my health improving.

    I am so happy now having the knowledge of what and how to eat. Paula's guidance through phase 3 has led me to a new way of eating, not dieting! I am satisfied everyday by what I eat and am able to maintain my current weight. I cannot thank Paula and company enough for the support and guidance through this journey. ~Angie
    Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary.

  • Meagan - Spotlight Patient

    Meagan - Spotlight Patient

    At 29, I was around 210 pounds, exhausted, had joint pain, brain fog, and plenty of other frustrating symptoms. Being a stay at home mom of two small children, I felt so defeated dealing with all my body was putting me through. I wanted to be healthy for them, for my hubby, for me! After reviewing thyroid labs from my family doctor, I wanted to dig deeper into the results and get another opinion. She did a full thyroid panel right away as well as vitamin D and B12 and other factors that may be causing some of my symptoms.

    When my results came back, they showed that I had Hashimoto's, an autoimmune condition that attacks the thyroid. This was fully explained to me, I was shown all the levels of my thyroid and what they should be optimally. We made a plan with Natural thyroid medication, diet changes, cutting out gluten, adding in high doses of vitamin D along with other supplements. In addition, I've worked with Lauren on detoxing, nutrition and better health over all in my body.

    I have now lost 51 pounds since my 1st visit, have energy and feel like myself again! There are still things I'm working on to better my health, further diet changes and digging to find the root cause of my Hashimoto's, but I'm beyond THANKFUL for the support from Dr. Brenner, Dr. Theiman, Lauren and all the staff! I feel younger at 32 than I did at 29! ~Meagan
    Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary.

  • Susan - Spotlight Patient

    Susan - Spotlight Patient

    "First of all I just want to say thank you to Lauren and AB Medispa for being such a wonderful support system and resource for my health and nutrition goals. I've always seen myself as a fairly healthy person. But in the past fifteen years a series of unfortunate needed surgeries and pain from fibromyalgia left my body and spirit completely run down. It was then that I began to investigate and pursue a more healthy lifestyle. I didn't want to just lose weight, I wanted to feel better. The first thing I did was to investigate the effects of gluten. I know that gluten seems to be a topic of controversy these days but as I researched I realized that many of my symptoms in some way came back to gluten. After cutting back on this I decided to go ahead and make some real decisions for change. With nutritional counseling and HCG I was able to lose 30 pounds. But that wasn't even the best part! My body chemistry has significantly changed. My BMI as well as my toxicity levels and blood work have all significantly improved. And I am pain free! For me this is a lifestyle change. I am not generally a person who sticks well to any type of diet but this was something that was easy because it made perfect sense. Today, I do not count calories! I just eat real food and cook healthy and yes...I do still eat dessert! Just not all day every day! ~ Susan
    Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary.

  • Amber - Spotlight Patient

    Amber - Spotlight Patient

    "I have been struggling with my weight for the past 5 years. Towards the beginning of this year I decided to do something about it but I had no clear plan. I joined a gym and began counting my calorie intake. All was going okay but I had a lot of pain with exercise and I was not seeing the results I had hoped for. That was about the time I started working with Dr. Brenner and her team. I had a regular exam and found out about all the services that her office offers. I was interested, first, in the ESSURE procedure. I had never heard about this type of permanent birth control before. Dr. Brenner answered all my questions and helped me to make an informed decision. The in-office procedure itself was very brief and I felt very little discomfort. What I loved about this procedure is that I was able to resume normal exercise the very next day. I was highly impressed at the professionalism of her staff during the entire process. I am very pleased to tell my family and friends about Dr. Brenner and feel that she can be trusted with their health needs. Next, I began working with the Weight Loss & Wellness programs. Though some Wellness Coaching, I started off with weight loss supplements, Lipo B Injections, and I changed my vitamin and food intake. I was very satisfied with the results I saw and was ready to try HCG. I enrolled in the 21 day protocol of HCG. I will say, it is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are dedicated like me it will work wonderfully. I followed the protocol to a T, meaning I did not cheat and I did not use any non-approved hygiene products. I have lost a total of 45 lbs with the help of HCG and her wonderful office. Lauren, Dr. Brenner, and her staff are great. I now enjoy a very active, HEALTHY, lifestyle that includes lots of physical exercise, which is not something I could say before. Dr. Brenner's office is truly life changing." ~ Amber
    Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary.

  • Renee - Spotlight Patient

    Renee - Spotlight Patient

    "Twenty-eight years ago I began to gain weight and have other hormonal changes without explanation but each time I would seek help from doctors I would get the same answer, "your hormones are fine," and they would proceed to put me on prescriptions to treat the various symptoms I had. Over those years, it became increasingly difficult to function in both my personal and professional life. One day I heard an advertisement on the radio for a place that treats female hormone issues, though I was justifiably skeptical. Out of desperation, I called for the testing and that is when I met Dr. Brenner. Since meeting Dr. Brenner, my life has changed! The exhaustion is gone, my thinking is clearer, I smile and laugh, I feel more confident than ever and the best part is that I no longer need the prescription medications that I took for 17 years. The encouragement and support of each member of Dr. Brenner's team is amazing, they treat you with respect, offer encouragement and are genuine in their concern for your health. Last August, after spending some time getting my hormones stabilized, Dr. Brenner introduced me to Lauren; with nothing to lose and mind full of doubt I started yet another weight loss journey and to my surprise, I have lost over 70 pounds! This has been an amazing transition for me, I would encourage anyone who is struggling to speak with Dr. Brenner because she listens, cares, and if you are willing to follow her advice, you will get positive results." ~ Renee
    Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary.



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