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Exceptional Care

Hi, my name is Dr. Amy Brenner.

I am a board-certified OB/GYN physician with over 15 years of experience in treating women like you for everything from gynecological care, scientifically developed skin care, bio-identical hormones, weight loss solutions, and minimally-invasive surgical options.  I too have struggled with some of the same issues I treat my patients for every day.  These issues may be common, but they interfere with your quality of life.  I believe I can offer the best relief, with care delivered with compassion, because I know what you’re going through.  Together, we can find answers and get you back to the life you love – full of activity, vitality, and balance.

You can read about our various services by clicking on the appropriate tabs at the top of our page.  Our practice is unlike any other OB/GYN practice in Cincinnati; you are a unique woman who deserves exceptional care.

I look forward to seeing you!
Dr. Amy Brenner

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Abnormal Bleeding


If you suffer from long or heavy periods, an endometrial ablation (MyFlow®) procedure at our office could offer relief. This is used to treat excessive menstrual blood loss and is alternative to a hysterectomy. Performed in-office.

Optimal Sexual Health


There are a myriad of reasons that women (and men) may feel that their intimate life is not what it should be.  Both physical and psychological issues may be the culprit behind not being able to fully enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.

Body Contouring


Hormonal balance, a healthy diet and regular physical activity all play a role in “shaping” your body composition.  MyShape™ is meant to be YOUR individual treatment plan, taking into consideration your overall health, goals and budget.

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