Beyond Insurance, Take Control Of Your Care

Now that open enrollment has arrived, I think now is a good time to talk about one very hot topic. That’s right, insurance. As a doctor, a mother, an employer, and a patient when it comes to [...]

Halloween Is Upon Us

There are so many reasons that people love fall. For me it’s not the changing colors, sweater weather, or even the pumpkin flavors that draw me in. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all of those [...]

How I’m Reducing My Risk Of Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a doctor and a woman, this is a cause that I am very passionate about. After all, statistics show that one in eight women will develop breast cancer [...]

Long Term Health & Beauty

Fall has arrived which means crisper air, crunchy leaves, and all things pumpkin {yum}. It’s also the season in which Kevin, myself, and our dog MJ celebrate our birthdays. MJ’s birthday party [...]

Sugar Free September

We all know that eating too much sugar isn’t great for our bodies, but when that dessert tray comes around we tend to turn a blind eye. After all, it’s so delicious! I get it and I’m with you. [...]

Getting Back To School

We all love summer – the longer days, family time, boat rides, barbecues, and {ahem} sun tans! The only draw back about summer is that it always comes with an expiration date. Well, for our [...]

Breezy Laser Hair Removal

“Sorry I didn’t shave.” As a gynecologist this is probably one of the most common things that I hear from my patients when I greet them in the treatment room. Well ladies {and gents}, I am here [...]

Summer Skincare Myths: Debunked

During the summer months, I hear a lot of chatter about skincare. Aaaaand, I have to say it’s not all entirely correct. From sunscreen to aesthetic skincare treatments, today I’m here to debunk [...]

Balancing Summer Health & Happiness

Doritos. Beer. Donuts. Burgers. And even … a hot dog {gasp}. Believe it or not all of these items have been part of my summer menu so far. And, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. As a [...]

Summer Goals

The temperatures are rising, the flowers are blooming, and finally, the kids are out of school. It’s official everyone, summer is here! Living in the Midwest, this time of year is something to [...]

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