Conditions treated by CO2:
  • Dull skin or sallow complexion
  • Splotchy or uneven skin
  • Sun damaged skin and brown spots
  • Aging skin
  • Fine lines
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Large pores
  • Skin laxity
The procedure is adjusted to level of treatment desired and the specific needs of the patient. Reference before and after pictures below to see the dramatic results the CO2 laser has given other patients wanting healthy, younger-looking skin.

What to expect with the CO2 Laser: Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a quick, outpatient procedure with reduced recovery time and documented results. The procedure is very well tolerated and each patient receives pre-treatment care with topical numbing cream and optional pain and anxiety medication. Patients report a quick snapping sensation against the skin. Each session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. Most patients require 1-3 treatments.

Recovery: Depending on the level of treatment desired, downtime can be around 5-7 days. In the first 48 hours, the skin will look tan, followed by redness and slight discomfort very similar to sunburn. Dead skin is sloughed off as new healthy skin emerges. Redness will fade and makeup can be applied toward the end of the first week. Our office has many topical solutions to aid in a quick recovery time and keep your skin healthy and protected.
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