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The Intima laser treatment *helps with…

  • Treatment of “genital mismatch”
  • Increased Lubrication
  • Decreased Incontinence
  • Enhanced Sexual Gratification


After childbirth, many women experience looseness of the vaginal canal and the introitus (opening of the vagina).  Many women often experience symptoms such as burning, itching, dryness, and painful intercourse.  And regardless of age, as women get older many experience cosmetic changes to their genitalia – such as pigmentation and sagging of the vulva skin.

Intima is an in-office, non-surgical medical laser treatment that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal or vulva tissue – so cells make more collagen – improving skin tone, texture and appearance.  The delivery of this laser energy to the vaginal wall stimulates a healing response that results in remodeling of the tissue fibers, thereby restoring flexibility and shape while also enhancing moisture levels in the vaginal canal.

In response to the laser procedure, 
the body begins to heal itself by making new collagen and blood vessels. When more collagen is produced, the vaginal walls are tightened.  This results in increased friction
 and the spongy erectile tissue (G- spot) directly underneath the vaginal walls are closer to the surface (more easily stimulated).  In addition, the “legs” or crus of the clitoris are in closer contact with the vaginal surface so they can be stimulated easier.  *This makes orgasms more easily obtainable and more intense which increases sexual satisfaction. In addition, the regeneration
of new, healthy, stronger tissue (collagen and elastin) supporting the base of the bladder/urethra *treats leaky bladders!  Increased
 blood flow *helps with vaginal lubrications and relieves women of vaginal dryness, itching, and painful intercourse.

For Enhanced Satisfaction… LEO®

Many women choose to have both the O-Shot® and the Intima laser (called the LEO ® – Laser Enhanced O-Shot®) performed for an even *additional benefit in restoring vaginal/bladder health.  The O-Shot® involves injecting PRP (platelet rich plasma) into the vaginal area.  When both treatments are combined, the O-Shot® is done immediately after the first Intima session.  The end result is enhanced regeneration of tissue and *enhanced results!

No surgery, no pills—it works by helping your body heal itself.

Ideal Candidates for Intima

  • Women who desire enhancement in sexual functioning (enhanced, stronger orgasms)
  • Women who have Genital Mismatch with their sexual partner (women who feel themselves “wider” inside relative to their partner’s penis size)
  • Women with mild/moderate urinary incontinence
  • Post-menopausal women with dry, atrophic vaginal tissues
  • Women undergoing the O-Shot® procedure who wish to have enhanced results. This is called the LEO®Laser Enhanced O-Shot®


After one treatment – notice tightening of the labia majora

Not Candidates:

  • Women with a significant pelvic floor vaginal laxity involving significant widening and muscular separation; these women need a surgical repair and will be disappointed with a solely laser procedure.
  • Women with significant urinary incontinence and/or prolapse; these women need a surgical repair / “sling” or “tape” procedure.
  • Women who have never had an orgasm who are hoping this is the “magic bullet.”
  • Women who have dyspareunia (not due to atrophy). These women would be better suited to have the O-shot® alone.
  • Women with severe atrophy that would not be able to tolerate the laser probe insertion.  These women would be better suited to just have the O-Shot®


The Treatment
Intima is a quick, simple and safe procedure that can be done right here in the office.  The procedure is virtually painless, requires no anesthesia and typically takes around 15 minutes to treat both internally and externally.Many patients *feel and see improvement after the first treatment, although the procedure calls for three treatments spaced four weeks apart for optimal results.After the third treatment, patients should expect to come back annually for a maintenance treatment.You can return to normal activities right after the procedure, but should refrain from sexual activity for seven days.
  • In-office procedure
  • No anesthesia, virtually painless
  • No downtime
  • No side effects
  • Each treatment is <5 minutes
  • Three treatments 4-6 weeks apart
  • One maintenance treatment per year


The Intima laser resurfacing isn’t only for post-menopausal women
Many women use hormonal methods for contraception or cycle control, or use progestin only therapies while breast-feeding by pill, injection or progestin only IUDs. Often times these create a low estrogen environment in the vagina. This hypo-estrogenic state changes the pH and bacterial flora of the vagina causing increased vaginal infections, dryness, itching, burning with urination and pain during intercourse. The Intima has been demonstrated to significantly restore the normal vaginal architecture and environment as if the estrogen was still there, thereby improving many of the unexpected consequences of low estrogenic states.  *Most women report significant improvement in sexual function after the very first treatment.

Enjoy Sex again! Or Enjoy Better Sex!
Vaginal laxity is a common problem in women whether they have had children or not. Although it is very common and expected to experience changes in sensation and tightness after having children, this can also occur in women that did not experience childbirth. Vaginoplasty is an elective surgical procedure that is often times necessary to regain normal vaginal caliber and “tightness” that was lost. Surgery, however, has greater expense, downtime, and inconvenience. For many women, surgery may not be necessary. The Intima laser is painless, more affordable and without risks of surgery/anesthesia.Picture

Can’t take hormones? We have a solution for menopausal urogenital symptoms.
For decades our only option for managing urogenital symptoms of menopause including vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and urinary symptoms was use of vaginal estrogen therapy. For many women (20%), hormone therapy fails to relieve urogenital symptoms.   Additionally, there are some women who prefer to avoid the risks associated with hormone use or cannot use hormones because of breast cancer history. The Intima laser is a revolutionary treatment for urogenital symptoms attributed to low estrogenic states or menopause without the use of hormones.

Leaky Bladder Treatment
One in three women suffer from urinary incontinence – leaking urine.  There are several traditional treatment options for incontinence such as mesh slings, pelvic physical therapy, Interstim implant, Botox injections and medications.  Our providers discuss the pros and cons of all the available options with our patients.  The Intima laser, with or without the O-Shot® (LEO®), is a non-invasive, effective treatment with *minimal to no risks and without any downtime or side effects.


Intima® Laser Treatment $1,800
*3 treatments, spaced a month apart
*annual follow-up treatment $600

LEO® (Laser Enhanced O-Shot®) $2,750
*3 Intima Laser Treaments
* Second O-Shot®, if needed $1,000

 Other Uses of this Laser Technology

Intima Laser technology may also be used to:

  • Re-surface stretch marks and surgical scars
  • “Bleach” darkened peri-vaginal and peri-anal skin.
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