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A woman may have many reasons for wanting a vaginal aesthetic procedure. Some have experienced labial stretching or tearing during childbirth. Others may suffer from labia minora hypertrophy (enlargement of the labia), a condition that can cause irritation and discomfort during physical activities, and even embarrassment during sexual intimacy. The good news is, labiaplasty and other vaginal aesthetic options are simple procedures that can improve the appearance of a woman’s vaginal region and give the labia a more proportionate and balanced look. You deserve to feel confident about every inch of your body – find out if any of our vaginal aesthetic procedures are right for you.

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

This aesthetic vaginal surgery aims to tighten lax muscles and tissues and remove excess vaginal skin to narrow the diameter of the vagina resulting in a smaller and tighter opening and vaginal canal. The tightening is done in the entire length of the vagina and not merely the opening few centimeters. This is done under local anesthesia with some sedation. However, Dr. Brenner has refined the in-office vaginal rejuvenation surgery that does not require an IV and is done under mild sedation and local anesthesia.  She uses the Ellman Surgitron Radio frequency device to make exceptionally precise and minimally traumatic incisions. This is a procedure that may be used for the enhancement of sexual gratification.

Perineoplasty (or Perineorrhaphy)

The visible area between the vagina and the rectum is called the perineum. This is the region where episiotomies are cut and where tears during childbirth are most common. Perineoplasty (or Perineorrhaphy) aims to make this region appear normal by excising excess skin, loose skin tags, and suturing the underlying muscles or the perineal body closer together to give a more snug feeling in the introitus or vaginal opening. The procedure almost always accompanies vaginoplasty since you are working in the same area.  Perioneoplasty is done in the office under local anesthesia.

Labiaplasty Minora (Labial Reduction)

This surgery is for the removal of excess, floppy, or uneven labia minora (smaller interior vaginal lips) that often causes chronic irritation, rubbing, or discomfort during sexual intercourse. Many request this surgery to eliminate the appearance of a bulge with certain tight clothing. Labias can grow large with estrogen stimulation at puberty, pregnancy and with the effects of gravity with aging. Labiaplasty is done in the office under local anesthesia.

Labiaplasty Majora

The term “Labiaplasty” can also relate to the cosmetic surgery of the labia majora (larger outer lips) to make it less prominent or loose. The broader outer lips of the vulva can be enlarged with excess skin and tissue. This enlargement can cause an embarrassing bulge in pants, swimsuits, or jeans. It can also increase the discomfort of sweating in the vulva. The labia majora may be affected from birth, secondary to childbirth, or due to aging. Many women also find quite a large and droopy labia majora after major weight loss such as post bariatric surgery. Dr. Brenner has refined her technique to safely reduce the size of the labia majora by excising a crescent shaped portion of the inner portion of the labia majora. The scar is hidden in the crease between the inner and outer labia. Labiaplasty is done in the office under local anesthesia.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Excess skin on the sides of the clitoris often causes the clitoris to look enlarged or uneven. Genetics, estrogen, and testosterone exposure can make significant changes in the way the clitoral area appears. A Labiaplasty itself may result in the appearance of a relatively larger clitoral area since the excess labia have been removed, drawing the eyes to the clitoral region. Dr. Brenner offers an exceptionally precise surgery for women seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their genital area by excising the extra folds of skin lateral to the clitoris. The clitoris itself and its nerves are never touched. This is NOT clitoral mutilation or clitoral un-hooding. Clitoral Hood Reduction is done in the office under local anesthesia.


This surgery is the reconstruction of the hymen. Cultural, religious, or social reasons predominate when this surgery is contemplated. Hymenoplasty is performed to make the patient appear virginal. It works for women who have not had vaginal deliveries, and preferably, in those who have never been pregnant. We take advantage of the Ellman Surgitron to make extremely precise incisions into the vagina and remnants of the hymeneal ring to bring them into close approximation to allow delicate sutures to hold the tissues in place. Once healed, the act of sexual intercourse can result in bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched. Hymenoplasty is done in the office under local anesthesia.

Anal Skin Tag Removal

Anal skin tags, also called rectal skin tags, are growths that hang off around the skin around the outside of the anus and are usually harmless.  Anal skin tags may be mistaken for warts or hemorrhoids.  These skin tags can be caused from pregnancy, anal sex, constipation, obesity, rectal surgery and hormonal fluctuations. They are benign and aren’t usually considered to be a health concern.  They may, however, become irritated by wearing tight underwear or thongs, or sitting down for too long. Removal is done in the office under local anesthesia.

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