What is a LEEP procedure?

LEEP  is a abbreviation for loop electrosurgical excision procedure.   LEEP is a 10 minute , simple treatment for abnormal cells on the cervix where the  abnormal cells are cut away using a thin wire loop that carries an electrical current.

What happens during a LEEP procedure?

You lie down on an exam table in the same position used to have a Pap test. A speculum is inserted into your vagina. A numbing medication (lidocaine with epinephrine)  is injected into your cervix. This usually causes your heart to beat faster or cause you to have a feeling like you drank a lot of caffeine.   A vinegar-like solution is applied to make the abnormal cells more visible.The doctor then uses an electrical wire loop to remove the abnormal tissue. The tissue is sent to the patholofist  to be tested.

Blood vessels on the area are sealed to prevent bleeding. The doctor  may also apply a special paste — Monsel’s Solution — to prevent bleeding.  After the procedure you may have some spotting, brown discharge that has been described as “coffee grounds” from the Monsel’s solution.

Since our office is accredited by AAAASF, we can offer IV sedation for LEEP procedures if a patient is anxious about having this procedure done under local anesthesia.

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