What is MyShape™?

MyShape™ is YOUR personal health, wellness and body composition goal and treatment plan. No two bodies are exactly alike, nor should they be treated as such.

While some women are genetically designed to be “pear shaped,” have an hour glass figure, or more of an athletic build…hormonal balance, a healthy diet and regular physical activity all play a role in “shaping” your body composition. The same is true for men…some have the perfect “V” build, while others may struggle with those annoying love handles.

MyShape™ is meant to be YOUR individual treatment plan, taking into consideration your overall health, goals and budget.

What Are My Options?

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates offers a variety of treatment protocols to help you reach your MyShape™ goals. Everything from Body Contouring treatments, Weight Loss and Wellness programs and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be accomplished in one practice, with the knowledge and expertise of our providers using evidence-based tools at our disposal.


We now offer FOUR options for contouring your body! Our Body Contouring specialists are experts in each treatment modality and through an individual consultation can help you decide which option will work best for you.

  • CoolSculpting® – non-invasive fat reduction using controlled cooling
  • UltraShape® POWER – non-invasive fat reduction using focused, pulsed ultrasound
  • SmartLipo™ (Laser Assisted Liposuction) – minimally invasive fat reduction using laser technology
  • VelaShape® III – non-invasive cellulite reduction and skin tightening using radio frequency energy and infrared heating

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Weight Loss & Wellness is an integral part of the MyShape™ plan.  There are many components to wellness, including maintaining a healthy weight, achieving a healthy body composition, and a healthy diet with proper supplementation to prevent nutritional deficiencies and improve health markers.  We have several approaches to helping our patients achieve this level of wellness:

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Hormone optimization is an important piece of the body composition puzzle, as a healthy body has an easier time finding its healthy weight.  Balancing estrogen, progesterone and testosterone via Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy typically results in:

  • Increased Energy – mental and physical
  • Stronger metabolism – to build bones, to build muscle, to lose fat
  • Improved Body Functions – sleep, relaxation and mood
  • Improved Sexual Function –  enhanced libido, increased vaginal lubrication

Learn more about our approach to Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for women and men.

In addition to optimizing the sex hormones, our medical providers are also proficient in testing and balancing ALL of the hormones that play a role in body composition, such as thyroid, adrenals/cortisol, and insulin sensitivity.

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