This complimentary skin evaluation and consultation is the first step to achieving your goals.  We provide all our patients with a complimentary one-hour session with a true skincare professional.  On your first visit you will receive:

  • A thorough history of our clinic, our staff, and treatments that we offer
  • A short anatomy lesson on skin, the largest organ in the human body
  • A photo analysis utilizing our Visia® system.  The Visia® allows us to see “under” your skin.  It analyzes eight aspects of your skin and provides actual scores.
  • We listen to your concerns and what you would like to improve
  • We provide you with our opinion on your skin and what areas we can improve
  • We show you our photo catalogue that includes many before and after photos of actual patients
  • We thoroughly discuss how you are caring for your skin at home
  • After we go through all these steps, we design a program for you that includes treatments and how you should care for your skin at home.  You leave with a copy of this program.
  • We NEVER pressure our patients!

Please print and fill out the AB Clinical Skincare Assessment form so we can expedite your visit.

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