Paula Reed, HC
Board Certified Health Coach

Paula spent 20 years in the computer services industry first as a Systems Engineer for the world’s largest computer services company, then self-employed specializing in website and graphic design.  While this was a rewarding career path, she also spent 15 years learning and training in holistic health and nutrition, primarily to address some unique health issues within her own family.

Her passion for helping her own family find optimal health led her to want to help others achieve that same success, so she finally closed her computer services company to focus entirely on health and wellness.  As a Board Certified Health Coach, Paula has individual certifications in General Nutrition and Wellness, Sports Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition and is a Certified Essential Oil Coach and Holistic Aromatherapist.  Prior to joining Dr. Brenner’s practice, Paula was the team Nutritionist with a fitness facility in the Dayton area and met with clients for individual nutrition consultations, taught group seminars, led nutrition challenges and organized corporate wellness programs.

Her philosophy is simple – eat real, nutritious food and avoid highly-refined, processed, pseudo-food. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. This isn’t a temporary fix…it’s a lifestyle that will potentially add years to your life and quality to those years.

Paula enjoys traveling with her husband, Steve, and has two grown children, Zachary, Savannah and a son-in-law, Jake.  She enjoys reading, music, perfecting Paleo recipes and loving on her Siberian Forest Cat, Matteus.

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